Spotlight On Desalination And The Ppps In The World Bank Regional Technical Meeting Held In Marseilles France NEWS

Spotlight on desalination and the PPPs in the World Bank regional technical meeting held in Marseilles, France

Almar Water Solutions participated in the regional World Bank Technical Meeting on PPPs for Desalination and NRW Reduction held in Marseilles, France, last Sunday.

Organized by the World Bank, Almar Water Solutions CEO Carlos Cosín gave a presentation on the new technologies and trends for desalination in the MENA region. He highlighted:

  • Reverse osmosis is the most competitive technology in the desalination field.
  • The PPP (public-private partnership) model is on the rise, providing governments with a technical and economic solution to develop large infrastructures.
  • Non-conventional water resources will enable water supply to regions that experience water stress.
  • The MENA region urgently needs a plan to ensure the water supply to its population.

Leading experts and companies from the water sector attended the event to foster solutions in the desalination and reuse fields, and to combat the scarcity and pollution of water suffered by numerous regions of the planet. Moreover, the World Bank presented the steps it is taking in the area to help communities with no resources to build their own alternative sources of drinking water so that whole families can drink, cook, wash, etc. and prevent diseases derived from the use of untreated water.

Almar Water Solutions is part of the core of companies that work every day to provide alternative water resources in regions that suffer drinking water scarcity. By taking part in these activities, its expert team develops efficient technologies to achieve a sustainable future.

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