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Asset management is the business line that manages long-term concession contracts, mainly in the municipal market.

It comprises two distinct business lines:

  • Assets/projects developed under the Project Finance scheme (BOT, BOO, BOOT, etc.).
  • Urban water services (water cycle).

The Asset Management business line involves achieving the least cost and risk of owning and operating water assets over their life cycle while meeting customer service standards. Almar Water Solutions uses the best tools, processes, and technologies to manage water assets efficiently, set service levels, compute life-cycle asset costs, maintain an asset register, monitor asset condition and performance, and conduct a risk analysis of possible asset failure.

The asset management area drives our project finance contracts and assets from third parties.

Practical strategies include decision-making techniques, operational plans, maintenance activities, capital works, and financial and fund systems.

We build honest, long-term relationships with stakeholders, from the client to contractors; engineering, procurement, and construction partners; financial institutions, organizational structure, and government agencies, to achieve effective asset management and put them in place to improve their performance.


Our Asset Management business line is divided into two specific areas: project finance contracts and urban water services.

Since its birth, Almar Water Solutions has promoted,  financed, developed, managed, and operated three major contracts totaling €1 billion. But the asset management area not only manages our project finance contracts but also manages third-party assets.

We currently own a 450,000 cubic meter per day capacity desalination plant in Saudi Arabia, a 100,000 cubic meter wastewater treatment plant in Bahrain, and a contract to develop a 185,000 cubic meter per day water treatment plant with Aramco in Saudi Arabia. These three projects are managed under the Asset Management division, achieving excellent levels of efficiency and management.

Shuqaiq Miniatura


Icono Tipo PlantaDesalination Plant


Icono Tipo PlantaSaudi Arabia


Icono Capacidad450,000 m³/day



Icono Tipo PlantaWater Treatment Plant


Icono Tipo PlantaBahrain


Icono Capacidad100,000 m³/day



Icono Tipo PlantaWater Treatment Plant


Icono Tipo PlantaSaudi Arabia


Icono Capacidad185,000 m³/day


Almar Water Solutions is an international provider that allows water utilities to achieve their service, financial, and sustainability goals. Our urban water services division improves and sustains the expected level of service, reduces water losses, cuts unit costs, and reasonably justifies tariff rates.

The urban water supply must be effective and available 24/7, avoiding interruptions, ensuring the water quality and pressure, and maintaining the asset conditions. In wastewater services, the assets also must contain health and environmental conditions. The timely delivery and availability of quality water and wastewater services enable customers to enjoy better life and livelihood.

Recently, Almar Water Solutions acquired 50% of the urban water services company Aguas San Pedro in Chile. It operates drinking water production and distribution, sewerage, and wastewater treatment services in its urban service concessions in nine municipalities and four regions in Chile. After that, Almar Water Solutions acquired 50% of Obor Infrastructure Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based holding company that owns two drinking water treatment plants under concession (Tirta Kencana Cahaya Mandiri and Traya Tirta Cisadane) on the island of Java (Indonesia), with a total capacity of 425,000 m3/day.

We are constantly looking to further expand our urban water services in other regions to achieve operational excellence in those geographies that require it. Our mission is to provide health services and satisfy the needs of our clients in a reliable and timely manner, delivering the expected return to our shareholders.

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