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Almar Water Solutions specializes in the development, promotion, financing, design and operation of water infrastructure.

Our team has more than 20 years’ experience carrying out water projects under the PPP/BOT/IWP schemes all over the world from Latin America to Asia, Europe and Africa, and many other other locations.

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We offer a comprehensive portfolio and wide range of solutions from desalination of sea or brackish water to reuse; purification; wastewater treatment and distribution networks.

We work continually to design, develop and implement profitable – and sustainable – project solutions for both municipal and industrial clients, focusing on tailored delivery to our clients’ requirements.

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Purification Cuadro Almar Water Solutions
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We also provide a range of consultancy services with have specialists in all phases of development from identification of the opportunity; to operation and maintenance of the asset.


Innovative thinking and the combination of existing and emerging technologies to create new solutions and strategies are essential as the global demand for water intensifies.

Almar Water Solutions specializes in identifying, studying and analyzing water needs and designing the type of project that most effectively and efficiently matches the real-world requirements of our client and their end users, delivering a project tailored for this purpose.


Real-world implementation of water facilities must pass through numerous phases before commissioning. Almar Water Solutions has experience and expertise available at every stage to secure a final delivery to clients of projects that not only meet their planned requirements but provide them with more efficient and better-executed infrastructure that is more sustainable.

We extend and improve access to drinking water, guarantee its quality and optimize its service and management.


We design creative, viable financing structures that address the water needs of any specific region and take its unique financial capacity and the availability of client capital into account. We invest in assets and share objectives in the development of infrastructure and public services.

Public-private partnerships (PPP), Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) and independent water projects (IWP) are financing options that seek to share human, financial and technical resources to ensure the viability and optimization of the projects.

  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
  • Build-Operate-Own-Transfer (BOOT)
  • Build-Operate-Own (BOO)
  • Independent Water Projects (IWP)


Our team of engineers ensures the required level of demand and provides the necessary technical knowledge for the construction phase. We oversee planning, design and construction from conceptual engineering to execution and commissioning, and to final hand-over.

We have both our own resources and strategic alliances to provide engineering solutions and execute the project within the agreed deadlines.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Technical specifications for EPC contractors
  • Support for project development
  • Technical assessment for revamping


Almar Water Solutions manages its in-house water assets (following financial closure) and seeks, assesses and invests in new assets, including brownfields, aligned with our business strategy.

We enter into honest, long-term relationships with stakeholders from the client to contractors; engineering, procurement and construction partners; financial institutions, the organizational structure and public bodies to achieve effective management of the asset and set up to improve its performance. We will then transfer knowledge, technology and skills – as mutually agreed – and implement all the procedures to ensure satisfactory operation of the facility.


The Services Division of Almar Water Solutions leads the operation and maintenance of our own treatment plants and other infrastructures.

It is staffed by specialized engineers, operators and technicians who ensure the optimization and operational excellence of all assets for clients in both the municipal and industrial sectors.




Icono Tipo PlantaWastewater Treatment


Icono LocationBahrain


Icono Capacidad100,000 m³/day

Nueva Shuqaiq Peq


Icono Tipo PlantaDesalination Plant


Icono LocationSaudi Arabia


Icono Capacidad450,000 m³/day



Icono Tipo PlantaDesalination Plant


Icono LocationKenya


Icono Capacidad100,000 m³/day

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