Joining forces for efficient water management

Almar Water Solutions invests in other companies through its merger and acquisition strategy to expand into new technologies, markets, and territories, build new skills, and increase market cooperation. We have internal capabilities and a specialized department to evaluate all assets and companies, creating the due diligence and doing all operations in-house.

Our company currently works in four regional areas where it establishes its M&A approach: Europe, Latin America, MENA, and Asia Pacific. This new division was born a few years ago with the acquisition of Osmoflo SpA in Latin America, which was followed by other operations:


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All our business lines seek the most competitive companies and contracts related to innovative technologies, industrial and municipal services, and operation and maintenance contracts in the water market.

This strategy allows Almar Water Solutions and new organizations to grow in the water industry by acquiring each company’s competencies, skills, and knowledge. In this way, Almar Water Solutions and its subsidiaries have a human capital of more than 1,000 people, state-of-the-art technology, and international clients worldwide.