Almar Water Solutions Participates In The Water Investment Forum Celebrated In Riyadh In Saudi Arabia NEWS

Almar Water Solutions participates in the Water Investment Forum 2016 celebrated in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia

This weekend, the Water Investment Forum 2016, organized by the National Water Company, Saline Water Conversion Corporation, and the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia, was held in Riyadh.

One of the highlights was the presentation by Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, who discussed the successful projects that he has carried out during his more than 20 years in the water sector. Carlos Cosín engaged forum participants with the many technological solutions that have generated millions of cubic metres of drinking water for inhabitants of areas with water scarcity.

The presentation took place on Sunday afternoon, as part of a panel moderated by the editor of Global Water Intelligence magazine, Christopher Gasson, which included representatives from several leading companies of the industry who talked about their experience in the development of water infrastructure around the world.

The event brought together key investors and agents in the water sector, at both the national and international levels, to promote investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia. A few of the many entrepreneurial prospects included new Independent Water & Power Producers (IWPP), renewable desalination technologies, operation and maintenance contracts for water production and transmission, outsourcing of services and research agreements. The event also highlighted the many advantages of public-private partnerships (PPP), which are gaining increasing support.

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