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Water production, treatment, reuse, transportation, and sales services

Water has different characteristics depending on its origin and has many variables, such as quality, flow rate, and temperature. Therefore, there is no single solution for its treatment.

Water treatment plants are no longer traditional plants where quality and quantity targets must be met. Installations have become more complex, new technologies have emerged, and raw water is more challenging to treat as customers demand different treatments for a broader range of applications. Requirements are becoming more stringent, adapting not only to legal regulations but also to corporate standards such as the impact or water footprint generated in the development of the activity. In other words, there are higher customer service expectations and stricter regulations. This increasingly demanding environment is leading to the need to analyze and improve how the operation and maintenance of the water industry are carried out.

Effective asset operation begins with a detailed analysis and assessment of each plant’s goals and risk level. Subsequently, processes and stages are designed, in increasing order of complexity or combination, to fulfill specific treatment requirements with high efficiency. Finally, we will work on the plant’s life cycle plan, including preventive maintenance, equipment replacement, and recording unplanned repairs, breakdowns, control data, and calibration.

At Almar Water Solutions, we have a division specialized in services for our assets and third parties, guaranteeing water infrastructure’s optimal and efficient performances. We have references in various geographies in water production processes, urban and industrial wastewater treatment, reuse, and transport, providing integrated water cycle management services to different industries.

Our services business line is divided into three main areas to ensure and offer tailor-made solutions focused on the different industries and geographies we work with

Some of our service contracts by type of industry:


70 desalination contracts with industrial, mining, and tourism applications in Egypt in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.


More than 60 contracts with major mining clients in Chile and Peru.


More than 30 contracts with various industrial sectors in Chile and Peru: agri-food, fish farms, chemical industry, waste management, airports, etc.

Our assets O&M contracts:

Shuqaiq Miniatura


Icono Tipo PlantaDesalination Plant


Icono Tipo PlantaSaudi Arabia


Icono Capacidad450,000 m³/day



Icono Tipo PlantaWater Treatment Plant


Icono Tipo PlantaSaudi Arabia


Icono Capacidad185,000 m³/day

Our services platforms around the world

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