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We operate through regional platforms where we have a permanent presence, projects, and customers who need tailor-made services to manage their water needs. We offer a broad portfolio of services that we adjust to the particular demand of each client:

· Preliminary technical due diligence.

· Modifications, upgrades, and commissioning of water treatment plants.

· Operation and maintenance of process and wastewater plants in the nominal design regimes.

· Compliance with the quality required by the client.

· Environmental authorizations for the activity.

· Appropriately qualified technical staff.

· Effluent and process analysis and control.

· Predictive, preventive, and corrective electromechanical and medium voltage equipment maintenance.

· Compliance with KPIs (selected by the client or set by us).

Control measures, operational monitoring plan and verification, and operation and management procedures are established following system assessment. We also develop engineering solutions to improve the technological and economic performance of the plants. In parallel, we set up the incident and emergency response plans and environmental, health, and hygiene authorizations.

The solutions are based on plants owned by the customer or invested in by the Services Division to finance, build and operate with full asset outsourcing.

Rental mobile plants

Specific industries are located in locations that are difficult to access and have immediate water needs. Besides on-site projects, Almar Water Solutions has a fleet of mobile water treatment plants with multiple capacities that provide urgent or short-term solutions to industrial clients.

Currently, we have the following reverse osmosis rental plants with the following capacities:

· RO seawater desalination plant with 500 m3/day capacity.

· RO seawater desalination plant with 1.000 m3/day capacity.

· RO brackish water desalination plant with 1.000 m3/day capacity (x4).

· MMF microfiltration plant with 1.500 m3/day capacity (x2)

· Generator C550-D5

The emergency water fleet provides a range of brackish water and seawater systems, with pre-treatment, post-treatment, and demineralization options to deliver fit-for-purpose water with rapid deployments. We also offer a range of wastewater treatment solutions, including MBR systems and a highly skilled technical team specializing in finding solutions to complex water problems.

This type of contract is short-term, maximum of one year, and includes the asset’s rental and the associated personnel and services.


Almar Water Solutions has specialized teams that move to the project and work with the client to produce/treat water according to the required specifications, optimizing each service. The different profiles of our team include plant managers, management managers, contract managers, operation managers, maintenance personnel, laboratory personnel, shift managers, room operators, operators, electromechanical and control technicians, health and safety managers, quality managers, conservators, and cleaners. Depending on the scope of the project and the contract, the staff required for each activity and task is calculated.

Our plants deliver drinking and processed water from raw water in a wide range of quality and salinity. In addition, this model provides our customers with multiple advantages, such as:

· SPECIALISED PERSONNEL to operate and maintain the assets most efficiently. · WATER CONSUMPTION efficiently and sustainably managed.

· TECHNICAL CONTINGENCIES and possible deviations in the cost of your water needs are avoided.

· HIGH STANDARDS in the transfer from construction to operation, the management of existing assets.

· MITIGATED RISKS associated with the operation and maintenance of the assets with the possibility of undertaking the investment from Almar Water Solutions.



Almar Water Solutions uses the most innovative technologies to make water production and treatment processes as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Wastewater treatment plants:

· Aerobic treatment

· Anaerobic treatment

· Physicochemical treatment

· Membrane treatment

· Other

Seawater or brackish water desalination plants:

· Reverse osmosis

· DAF systems

· Filtration systems

· Pressure filtration

· Lamellar decanters

· Other systems

We advise our clients on the choice and installation of the technology in their assets or, on occasions where we manage plants already built, we adapt to the installed technology, optimizing their processes and increasing the asset’s useful life. We also have experts on hand to maximize plant performance and reduce energy and reagent consumption.

our customers

We offer solutions and services for water-intensive industries, heavy industry, and sectors such as mining, agri-food, services, and the tertiary sector.

After years of experience and knowledge, we study and work with other industries requiring our processing, wastewater, and water reuse services. Thus, we can provide quality water, in different ranges and characteristics, for clients in the textile, oil and gas, energy, animal feed, and other sectors.

Our services allow the client to delegate the responsibility for managing and maintaining water infrastructures to focus on what they do best – their business.

We generally enter into medium to long-term service contracts, except for our mobile plants, which are usually for one-off, emergency, or short-term water needs.


Almar Water Solutions implements innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, minimizing the impact of industrial activities on natural water sources and the planet in general.

Improving energy efficiency and minimizing waste generation in water facilities is essential to achieve sustainability and care for the environment.

At Almar Water Solutions, we establish programs to reuse and recycle as much water as possible, giving new lives to water for businesses, staff, and facilities. In addition, we develop initiatives to support the shift to a resource-efficient and sustainable economy for the planet.

Some of our service contracts by type of industry:


70 desalination contracts with industrial, mining, and tourism applications in Egypt in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.


More than 60 contracts with major mining clients in Chile and Peru.


More than 30 contracts with various industrial sectors in Chile and Peru: agri-food, fish farms, chemical industry, waste management, airports, etc.

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