Industrial Water & Technology business line helps industries to manage the entire water cycle from process water production to wastewater treatment and reuse, providing the best technological and economical solution to allow our clients to reach the highest standards in their water infrastructures.

We offer solutions for long-term financing, construction, and operation projects with binding tariff and risk sharing, including industrial BOT, industrial mobile/rental systems, and industrial services. We aim to offer our clients the possibility of including water as a “commodity” inside their manufacturing processes without worrying about how it is managed or disposed of.

Almar Water Solutions’ deep knowledge of the water industry, with a team of 20+ years’ experience, allows us to study our customers’ water treatment needs and offer the latest technological solution that better adapts to our clients.

We focus on providing services for the mining, food & beverage, microelectronics, and oil & gas industries. Still, our solutions for water management are customizable for any industry, no matter the size or complexity of water necessities.

We also search for technological products and companies that represent a competitive advantage for Almar Water Solutions and our clients. For example, in 2022, Almar Water Solutions became a shareholder of digital transformation company Datakorum to provide innovative digital technology solutions to the water sector.