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Operation and Maintenance of Own Assets

After the design, construction, and commissioning of the water infrastructures developed by Almar Water Solutions in the BOT or BOO regime, we manage and lead their operation and maintenance. The O&M business line for our assets comprises engineers, operators, and specialized technicians, aiming to ensure the optimization and operational excellence of all the help we own.

A proper operation and maintenance program contributes to the project’s bankability. It ensures efficient production that increases the life cycle of the assets with high availability and constant water supply/treatment. This also results in savings in personnel and operating costs.

Almar Water Solutions currently operates one of the biggest desalination plants in the world: Shuqaiq 3 in Saudi Arabia, with a potable water production capacity of 450,000 m3/d. This project has specialized teams that manage and operate by local rules and regulations, guaranteeing the quality and healthiness of the water while establishing environmental and hygiene actions. In addition, Shuqaiq 3 has chemical and water analysis laboratory services. We will soon start operating and maintaining the Zuluf water treatment project, with a clean water production capacity of 185,000 m3/day, in Saudi Arabia.

After a long journey of tendering, design, construction, and commissioning, operation and maintenance services arrive to optimize the efficiency and process of collecting, treating, and returning produced water, all the know-how and experience of Almar Water Solutions and the relationships with suppliers and partners are brought to bear in the last phase of project development to ensure consistent, high-quality water on a budget.

Our assets O&M contracts:

Shuqaiq Miniatura


Icono Tipo PlantaDesalination Plant


Icono Tipo PlantaSaudi Arabia


Icono Capacidad450,000 m³/day



Icono Tipo PlantaWater Treatment Plant


Icono Tipo PlantaSaudi Arabia


Icono Capacidad185,000 m³/day

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