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Ecoprial is a key player in the attractive mid-market segment of Chile (Osorno) waste services, with strong recurring revenues, an experienced management team, and a proven track record. In addition to the traditional business, Ecoprial is also present in the Waste to Energy operations with the first Biogas plant to transform waste into clean energy in the region, helping our existing and new customers transition to a circular economy.

The recent incorporation into Almar´s subsidiaries portfolio reinforces synergies with our platform in Chile, Almar Water Servicios Latam, where Ecoprial has become the hub of our Southern operations for the wastewater, water supply, and waste-to-energy projects.

Ecoprial will also contribute to reframing how we manage sludge in our Chilean municipal water treatment assets. Instead of disposing of it, we will valorize this sludge and third parties sludge through the waste-to-energy project generating energy together with a solid and liquid stream with agronomic value as fertilizer.


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Clean energy production through waste

Fertilizer production for agriculture


Water treatment sludge management

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