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The Shuqaiq 3 desalination plant, located on the coast of the Red Sea, in Saudi Arabia, will be one of the largest reverse osmosis desalination plants in the world, with a production capacity of 450,000 cubic meters per day. The project, which is currently under construction, will guarantee the supply of drinking water to more than 1.8 million citizens, while also contributing to the country’s economic and industrial development. The plant’s importance is such that in September 2019 it received the “Utilities Project of the Year” award at the Middle East Energy Awards 2019 held in Dubai, UAE, making it one of the flagship new infrastructure projects in the region.

The project is being developed under a 25-year BOO (Build-Own-Operate) contract model and is scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Icono Tipo Planta ProyectoPLANT TYPE
Desalination plant

Icono Cliente ProyectoCLIENT
Saudi Water Partnership Co., (formerly Water and Electricity Company (WEC))

Icono Sector ProyectoSECTOR

Icono Country ProyectoCOUNTRY
Saudi Arabia

Icono Capacity ProyectoCAPACITY
450,000 m3/day

Icono Technology ProyectoTECHNOLOGY
Reverse Osmosis

Icono Participation ProyectoPARTICIPATION OF AWS IN THE SPV

Icono Cuaderno ProyectoTYPE OF PROJECT
25-year contract under IWP scheme (BOT)

Icono Investment ProyectoINVESTMENT
US$ 610 million

Icono Status ProyectoSTATUS
Under construction

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