Ida World Congress And Almar Water Solutions Ensure Your Water Future NEWS
IDA World Congress 2017

IDA World Congress 2017 and Almar Water Solutions: “Ensure Your Water Future”

From 15 to 20 October, Almar Water Solutions was present at the IDA World Congress 2017, organized by the International Desalination Association (IDA) in São Paolo, Brazil. This congress has been held since 1985 and is recognized as the principal international event for the desalination and reuse industry. The congress brings together the world’s leading companies in the sector and offers exceptional opportunities to expand knowledge of existing and emerging technologies for water reuse and desalination.

Almar Water Solutions was actively involved in the event with several different activities over the course of the week. On Monday, 16 October, Carlos Cosín, the company’s CEO, participated as a moderator in a panel titled “Water Reuse and Desalination World Changing Projects Explained by Developers”, in which five cases from different regions of the world were presented. Five CEOs from the Middle East, China, Australia, Europe and the Americas, from public utilities or private corporations, were invited to give a 360-degree perspective of the planning and management of water projects in their different areas.

In addition, Almar Water Solutions, as part of its focus on talent, sponsored the world’s young leader award to recognize contributions to desalination and water reuse. This award, introduced in 2011, is given to a member of the IDA Young Leaders Program whose contribution to the desalination and water reuse industry represents an achievement in terms of positive leadership and originality, such as: commissioning of a plant, a technological patent, the creation of a new company, etc.

During the four days of the technical program, 23 sessions were organized with approximately 300 guests, and presentations given with panels, posters and digital presentations. The program also included several panel discussions that debated the challenges and solutions for the sector, as well as other aspects such as politics, new technological developments, markets and industry trends. The participating companies also had a chance to present their latest news, products, services and technologies.

Almar Water Solutions and the IDA are firmly committed to the development and promotion of desalination and reuse technologies as part of the solution to address the world’s water problems. So much so that on 30 September, Carlos Cosín was re-elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the association, to continue working and collaborating on the development of projects that help increase awareness of the importance of these new technologies to fight against water contamination and shortages around the world.

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