Carlos Cos N Ceo Of Almar Water Solutions Reelected As A Member Of The Board Of Directors Of The International Desalination Association Ida NEWS
Directors of the IDA

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, reelected as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Desalination Association (IDA)

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, has been reelected as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Desalination Association (IDA). Carlos, who has been director of the IDA for three consecutive candidacies since 2013, is a strong advocate of water desalination and water reuse as infallible methods to fight the world’s water shortages.

As Carlos explained during his campaign, he together with the rest of IDA members, aims to create a more solid and consolidated association. He plans to achieve this goal improving its management with transparent solutions that will help fight climate change and the threats of water security and scarcity.

The IDA is one of the largest and most important international associations to foster knowledge and development of the desalination industry. In fact, it is the only global association devoted exclusively to desalination and water reuse technologies.

The IDA is a non-profit organization associated with the United Nations and committed to the development and promotion of desalination technologies as a solution to water supply problems. It also works in fields such as water reuse, contamination control, water treatment and other sciences. To carry out this mission, the IDA fosters research, promotes the exchange of ideas, spreads information and supports education in the water desalination and water sciences sectors.

The IDA is a community with 2,600 members in 60 countries, with 4,000 additional affiliates around the world. Its members include scientists, private and public service companies and other end users, such as engineers, consultants, financiers, developers, researchers and students representing governments, corporations and academics.

According to IDA’s most recent figures from 2015, there are 18,500 desalination plants in the world, with a capacity of 86.8 million cubic meters per day, supplying water to more than 300 million people. Currently, 150 countries use water desalination to meet water demand.

With this new election, Carlos Cosín will continue to lead the spread of new technologies that help mitigate water shortages around the world to build a more sustainable planet.

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