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Almar Water Solutions, a strategic partner for the water industry

2021 was a year of consolidation for Almar Water Solutions, with the company completing strategic projects and  securingagreements. Highlights include the completion of the Shuqaiq 3 desalination plant in Saudi Arabia and the expansion of the services area.

Almar Water Solutions, a leader in the development of water infrastructures, forms part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy. The company has become a strategic partner for the global water industry, after a 2021 replete with projects and milestones achieved. With a firm commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, the company focuses its activity on two business areas: project development and services. Almar Water Solutions has grown in both business areas and achieved new milestones over the past year.

Starting with project development, a highlight was the completion of the Shuqaiq 3 desalination plant in the province of Jizán in Saudi Arabia. The contract for the construction of the plant was awarded in 2019 and the facility has a nominal capacity of 450,000 cubic metres. It produces clean, fresh water for different domestic, agricultural and industrial uses. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was delivered on schedule and within the financial program.

This is the first large-scale plant in the region to implement pure reverse osmosis technology and high energy efficiency, and it will supply up to 150 Hm3 (gigalitres) of high-quality water per year. A multidisciplinary team of more than 2,000 people participated in its construction, and an important milestone was achieved in terms of health and safety. Over nine million hours of work went into the project without any serious incidents. After meeting all deadlines, the plant was inaugurated last January in a ceremony organised under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad Bin Nasser and by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

The services area continued to expand in 2021. The company doubled its presence in Latin America last June with the acquisition of a 50% stake in Chilean company Aguas y Riles. Founded in 2001, Aguas y Riles offers customised water  treatment and transport solutions for mining and industrial applications. The objective of this acquisition was to grow both companies in the region and to strengthen the service area of Almar Water Solutions.

Since then, several contracts have been secured for services, including operation and maintenance, transportation and specialised desalination, wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment services.

Following this operation, Osmoflo SpA, acquired in 2019, became part of this new structure, thus creating a regional service platform in Latin America that covers all municipal and industrial water needs. New mobile water treatment plants with multiple capacities that provide urgent or short-term solutions to industrial customers began to be built.

In North Africa, Ridgewood, the Egyptian water treatment company acquired in 2020, has continued its activity, adding clients and new contracts, especially in the tourism and services sector. Egypt is amongst the countries with the highest investment in water projects, particularly for agriculture, industry and services. For this reason, and due to its great capacity for innovation and hard work, Ridgewood is growing throughout the country in terms of capacity and the provision of services associated with water treatment.

The Almar team has now grown to over 900 people in the corporate area and subsidiaries.

2021 was yet another year of ongoing progress for Almar Water Solutions, with the company staying true to its mission of developing non-conventional water solutions that ensure water supply for both municipal and industrial customers, building more resilient and sustainable societies and caring for the environment.


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