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World Water Day 2022: Groundwater – Making the Invisible Visible

Almost all the liquid freshwater in the world is groundwater, supporting drinking water, domestic use, sanitation systems, agriculture, industry and our fragile ecosystems.

But groundwater is polluted and overexploited in many areas. Our Continuous over-use will eventually lead to depletion of our most precious resource.

So… what can – and must – we do?

The use of non-conventional water resources can help to preserve groundwater and natural fresh water sources in general. Desalination and water reuse can play an important role to protect groundwater, balancing the needs of people and the planet.

Almar Water Solutions is investing in the development of sustainable water infrastructure, to build a better world through innovative solutions that address the rising demand both for today, and for a more beautiful tomorrow.

In this important day, March 22nd, we support the United Nations making visible the importance of groundwater. Life on Earth would not be possible without groundwater, so exploring, protecting and sustainably using groundwater is critical to surviving and adapting to climate change and meeting the needs of a growing population.


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