Datakorum is a company that develops NB-IoT, M2M, and WiFi electronic devices and offers end-to-end IoT solutions in Mobility, Energy, Water, and the Environment.

At Datakorum, we provide our customers with an integral digitalization solution. We have developed our technological ecosystem, from the communications and sensor hardware to the Intelligent Cloud Platform and user applications, to simplify acquiring and visualizing data from infrastructures to those responsible for making decisions. Our mission is to help companies change and innovate their products and services by quickly and easily transforming them into smart ones, improving their quality, and saving research costs.

Datakorum currently has 75% highly qualified engineers in the areas of R&D&I in the company, experts in obtaining sensor data and taking them to our Cloud platform, making infrastructure information available to infrastructure managers through our management applications.


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End-to-End IoT Smart Solutions, including:

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5G Connectivity

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Cloud Platform

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User Applications

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