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COP 27 and Water
25 Nov: COP 27 and Water

At the latest UN Climate Change Conference (COP27), held in Egypt under the slogan “Together for Implementation”, water seems to have taken on greater importance than at previous summits. One day, promoted by the Egypt’s Presidency, was dedicated to debating the impact of global warming on water resources, as well as the adaptation measures that should be implemented to protect water management from the effects of climate change.

Smart City Exterior
31 Oct: Water Management In Smart Cities

The world is becoming more and more urban, posing new and difficult challenges for urban water management. Today, around 55% of the world’s 4.2 billion people live in cities. This trend is expected to continue; by 2050, the urban population will double and almost 7 out of 10 people will live in urban centers. In this sense, on World Cities Day, we at Almar Water Solutions want to highlight the role that the cities of the future, Smart Cities, play in water management.

Water into Smart Data
19 Oct: Transforming Water into Smart Data

The digitization of water is a major challenge, reducing losses in supply infrastructures, saving water and energy, and optimizing supply have become global objectives. For this reason, it has become a strategic priority for governments and public, private and mixed companies supplying cities.

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