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Almar Water Solutions puts its full potential on display at the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal

This week, Almar Water Solutions, a leading company in the development of water infrastructure and services for water production, treatment, and sales, participated in the 9th World Water Forum held in Dakar, Senegal, from March 21 to 26. The event’s theme was “Water security for peace and development”, and it addressed the global challenges regarding the present and future of water, with a special emphasis on the effective implementation of the global water agenda, a prerequisite for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Almar Water Solutions joined other prestigious companies with a stand in the Spanish pavilion, organized by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX). This pavilion was aimed at demonstrating Spain’s world leadership in the water sector, at the planning, engineering, construction and operation levels, as well as at the technological level.

Almar Water Solutions was represented at the forum by Arantxa Mencía, Global Business Development Director, Luis Blanco, Business Development Director Africa, and José Luis Vizoso, Business Development Director North Africa. José Luis Vizoso gave a presentation at the panel discussion “Catalysts needed for water security and the achievement of the SDGs” held on Thursday, March 24, on the private sector solutions for water security.

Th World Water Forum

On the opening day of the forum, Arantxa Mencía pointed out that “Africa is a continent with a great need for water and water infrastructure. This forum gives visibility to this situation, and also brings innovative solutions to the region. Almar Water Solutions and its team, with extensive experience in this geographical area, develops unconventional water solutions to meet its challenges. However, there is a need for increased regulation, new financing models and policies that enable universal access to water and sanitation for everyone.”

Over the four days of the event, Almar Water Solutions showed all of its potential in the development of water infrastructure, as well as in additional water production and treatment services. In 2019, Almar Water Solutions created a joint venture with Hassan Allam Utilities BV (HAU) to develop water projects in North Africa and contribute to its economic and social development. In 2020, the joint venture acquired Ridgewood, a service company in Egypt dedicated to supplying desalinated water to clients in industry and tourism. This company had 58 desalination assets, which have been expanded during this time to increase the production of treated water for the region.

The World Water Forum has been held every 3 years since 1997. Organized by the World Water Council (WWC) and in partnership with a host country, this major event brings together participants from all levels and fields, such as politics, multilateral organizations, academia, civil society and the private sector, among others. It provides a unique platform where the international water community and key decision makers can collaborate and make progress on global water challenges. This ninth edition was held in a sub-Saharan African country for the first time.

Following this event, Almar Water Solutions was also present at the South Africa Investment Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, inaugurated by the country’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa. Luis Blanco, Business Development Director Africa, attended to learn the South Africa’s capabilities and strategic importance in the region.

South Africa Investment Conference

Luis Blanco, Africa Business Development Director, at the South Africa Investment Conference in Johannesburg