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META Projects

Almar Water Solutions participates in the META Projects event: Investment, Financing and Delivery

This week, Almar Water Solutions attended the event META Projects: Investment, Financing and Delivery that was held on 1 and 2 November at Le Meridien Hotel & Conference Centre in Dubai. José Ignacio de la Fuente, Middle East Business Development Director, participated as a speaker in the panel titled “Uncovering the potential of water and wastewater projects in the META Region: Lesson learning and financing strategies”. The following questions were debated during the panel discussion:

  • What projects will be key in the Middle East region in 2017-2018? And in Sub-Saharan Africa? And in Turkey?
  • Unlocking the key to success: What lessons can we learn from success stories in water and wastewater projects in the Middle East and in solar projects in the United Arab Emirates?
  • What is the list of solar projects for the region for 2018?
  • How can these projects be financed? What financial challenges do they pose?
  • What is happening in new areas, such as installations that combine solar energy and desalination, or the financing of irrigation projects?

In his presentation, José Ignacio explained that the search for new unconventional water sources to minimize impact and provide a constant, safe and continuous source is essential for the development of the Middle East region. He also mentioned that Almar Water Solutions, together with Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), have the capacity to offer customized solutions and future developments to successfully address the growing demand for energy and water in the Middle East. The combination of the two companies makes it possible to reduce costs and increase the availability of both vital resources in the area.

META Projects brought together more than 500 government officials, directors of public service enterprises, developers, financiers and investors to discuss the latest market trends and opportunities for projects throughout the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. This event provided a unique opportunity to hear from decision-makers and obtain exclusive information on the risks and benefits of each project, in order to better focus their short, middle and long-term business strategies.

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