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Almar Water Solutions doubles its presence in Chile and acquires 50% of the Chilean company Aguas y Riles S.A.

• Aguas y Riles S.A. was founded in 2001 and offers customized water treatment and transport solutions for mining and industry.

• The goal of this operation is for both companies to grow hand in hand by sharing expertise, equipment, experience and technology in the water sector and expanding their activity in the rest of the region.

Santiago de Chile, Chile – 28 June, 2021.  Almar Water Solutions, a leading company in the development of water infrastructure and part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, has acquired a 50% stake in the Chilean company Aguas y Riles S.A.

The Company, founded in 2001, offers customized water treatment and transport solutions for mining and industry, amongst others. The goal of this acquisition is to enable both companies to grow hand-in-hand by sharing expertise, equipment, experience, and technology in the water sector.

With this new acquisition, Almar Water Solutions further confirms its commitment to regional platforms, with the aim of finding the best opportunities and synergies with local partners, bringing it closer to the reality of each geographic area and client. In this case, it is expanding the regional platform in Latin America, which began in 2019, with the purchase of Osmoflo SpA, which will now be integrated under the umbrella of Aguas y Riles.

The operation and optimization of water treatment plants has a significant impact on the fixed and variable costs of industries, so the possibility of outsourcing the operation to companies specialized in the field emerges in Latin America is an attractive choice. Aguas y Riles, which operates in Chile, Peru and Colombia with a team of 600 people, offers a portfolio of services including: operation and maintenance (O&M) for industrial clients, dedicated operations with investment, design and construction of water treatment plants, industrial liquid waste management and specialized services for waste water and drinking water treatment plants.

After signing this new contract, Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, commented: “We are reaffirming our focus on municipal and industrial water services with local partners, in order to together expand our expertise and financial capacity to other areas of Latin America – an area with high water demand, a large degree of inequality in the distribution of resources and which still has high effluent treatment needs.”

Almar Water Solutions already has two regional platforms in Chile and Egypt, from which it offers new operation and maintenance developments and solutions for the industrial, tourism and commercial sectors. These platforms are supported by companies with extensive experience in the water sector, such as Osmoflo SpA in Chile and Ridgewood in Egypt. Together with Aguas y Riles S.A., the regional platform in Chile now covers an important facet, providing a wide range of services for companies in different sectors in Latin America.

These alliances provide significant benefits for the clients because they bring the knowledge and experience of local enterprises and the innovation, financing, and diversity of a major multinational such as Almar Water Solutions.

Almar Water Solutions is a company specializing in the development, promotion, financing, design and operation of water infrastructure. Its team of professionals, with over two decades of experience in 25 countries leading major water infrastructure projects, works tirelessly to develop integral solutions that meet growing needs for water in the municipal and industrial sectors. For further information, visit

About Abdul Latif Jameel
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About Aguas y Riles S.A.
Aguas y Riles S.A. is a company established in 2001 that operates in Chile and abroad to provide comprehensive on-site solutions in sustainable water management, maintaining quality standards. For further information, visit

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