Madrid Platform Px
Madrid Platform Px

Almar Water Solutions leads the international water seminars of Madrid Platform

• Issues such as climate change, water security and the value of water were at the center of the discussion on both days.

• Almar Water Solutions led the two international water seminars, with the participation of highly prestigious speakers from public and private organizations.

On 10 and 11 May, Almar Water Solutions played the leading role in the international water seminars of the international business hub between Europe and Latin America, organized by Madrid Platform. The CEO and several of the company’s directors moderated the sessions and participated in the debates, providing experience and knowledge of the water markets in both regions.

On the first day of the Madrid Platform, the round table titled “Necessary changes to face the main challenges in climate change and water” covered different topics related to water: water and sustainability (combination of renewable energies and water), green hydrogen, the main challenges coming to climate change adaptations, and behavioral changes that climate change is generating in the population and principal changes to be implemented by citizens.

In addition to Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, four speakers participated in the session, presenting their outlook and experience: Fernando Bernad, Managing Partner of Cuatrecasas, Gonzalo de la Cámara, Head Water Economics Department, IMDEA Water Institute, Aziza Akhmouch, Head of OECD Division on Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development within the Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities, and Luis Torres, Business Development Director, pHYnix, French group Evergreen. As Carlos pointed out, water was the main focus of the day: “There is a lack of coherence between the importance everyone gives to water and reality. We happily pay for our mobile phone every month, but not for water in our taps. The only countries that give value to water are the ones that do not have it.”  To watch the complete seminar, click here. 

The following day, on the afternoon of Tuesday, 11 May, the second international water seminar was held, titled “Current situation and major challenges of the water market in Latin America”. Moderated by Arantxa Mencía, Global Business Development Director of Almar Water Solutions, this day also included the participation of important speakers dedicated to the water sector in Latin America: Carlos de Cevallos, partner of Decoex, Gonzalo Gómez-Rodulfo, Services Director of Almar Water Solutions, Lucio Javier García Merino, Senior Financial & Institutional Specialist of the Water and Sanitation Division, Inter-American Development Bank, Karin Granda, Director of the Special Directorate of Projects of PROINVERSION, José María González, partner of Cross-National Advisory Partners and Arturo Errazuriz, General Manager of Errazuriz & Asociados.

This session addressed issues such as public-private partnerships and the need to change the current work model. As Carlos de Cevallos, a partner of Decoex, pointed out, “we need a change in culture and cant wait ten years to develop water and sanitation projects.” Karin Granda, Lucio Javier García Merino and Arturo Errazuriz discussed problems and solutions in the water sector in Peru and Chile that can be transferred to other Latin American countries, as well as current projects. Lastly, José María González, from Cross-National Advisory Partners, said: “Collaboration between public bodies and private companies is essential to mitigate economic, social and technological risk. We all have a contribution to make.” To watch the complete seminar, click here.

Almar Water Solutions, with headquarters in the Netherlands and Madrid, and its regional platform in Chile, knows the water sector in both continents inside out, having led many projects and agreements on desalination, water treatment and reuse. Recently, several projects in the services line have been signed with industrial companies in the northern region of Chile and the company has participated in several events in Spain, supporting European budgets and initiatives.


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