Almar Water Solutions And Its Ceo Carlos Cos N Are Featured In The New Issue And Presentation Of Iagua Magazine NEWS
Igua Magazine

Almar Water Solutions and its CEO Carlos Cosín are featured in the new issue and presentation of iAgua Magazine

Almar Water Solutions and its CEO Carlos Cosín are featured in the new issue of iAgua Magazine, one of the most important magazines in the water sector in Spain and Latin America. In this last edition, Carlos Cosín is featured on the magazine’s cover and he gives an exclusive interview in the body pages of the magazine. He explains the key challenges the water sector will face in the coming years, and addresses topics such as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and their advantages over other business models when implementing water projects.

Furthermore, the magazine publishes a report on the 15th iAgua forum, event in which our Business Development Manager, Arantxa Mencía, had an active role.  In the debate, Arantxa together with other experts in the water sector, analyses the PPP market in Spain and other regions and explains why Almar Water Solutions supports this business model that provides so many advantages to governments, companies and the population.

Last Friday, Carlos Cosín and other members of the Almar Water Solutions team, attended the presentation of the magazine to discuss the present situation and future prospects of the water sector.  At the same time, they also took the opportunity to explain how the company is working to develop successful projects and combat water scarcity. Following the presentation of the contents, Carlos Cosín participated in an interview entitled “iAgua Magazine dialogue: the global market for PPPs in the water sector”. During the interview he explained the projects that Almar Water Solutions has in the international markets and emphasised the application of the PPP model to non-conventional resource projects such as desalination and reuse.

The magazine, which is now in its 15th issue, is published quarterly and is supported by the main Spanish institutions and companies involved in the water sector. More than 150 people from the water management network attended the presentation to hear about the most successful projects and initiatives undertaken as public-private partnerships.

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