Abdul Latif Jameel Energy And Environmental Services Launches Its Water Business Almar Water Solutions NEWS

Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and Environmental Services launches its water business: Almar Water Solutions

The energy and environmental services division of the Abdul Latif Jameel has launched a water business under the name of Almar Water Solutions, to complement its energy offer. This is a response to challenges seen in the water sector, such as growing demand for water in the Middle East.

Almar Water Solutions was created as an integral water services company, specialising in the development, financing and operation of water infrastructure for the municipal and industrial sectors. With a multi-disciplinary team with over two decades of experience in the water sector, Almar Water Solutions’ conviction is that water scarcity and contamination, which are increasingly urgent problems, can be fought with technology, experience and a highly qualified team of human resources.

Values such as excellence in implementation, commitment, enthusiasm, efficiency, responsibility and competitiveness make Almar Water Solutions the perfect partner for the development of sustainable projects in the fields of desalination, purification, treatment, reuse and industrial water.

In terms of project schemes, Almar Water Solutions is aware of the fact that each customer and geographical area is different. This is why it adapts to the needs of each situation and makes its financial capacity and experience available to all types of contracts, such as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP/BOT), Services Contracts (O&M), Engineering and Procurement Contracts (EP), Water-Solar and Revamping.

Furthermore, Almar Water Solutions has been able to form an alliance with a leading company in solar photovoltaic energy, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, allowing it to become one of the largest players in water and energy projects that are so necessary in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America, where there is a real need for both resources.

Almar Water Solutions currently has offices in Dubai, Jeddah, Chile, South Africa and Spain. However, its multidisciplinary team works in offices and in the field wherever there is a need for water, tackling any challenges that arise from a unique perspective to ensure that water reaches the homes of thousands of people and the industries that need to use it.

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