Producing green hydrogen for a sustainable future

Current energy situation:

The world has commitments in 2030, 2035, and 2050 towards decarbonization. However, war and geopolitical tensions have accelerated this energy transformation process, seeking maximum independence and price stability. Hydrogen has become a key element in this transformation process, coexisting with other renewable energy sources, and governments are increasing investments to promote hydrogen projects (USA – 7 Bill.$ / EU – 5.2 Bill.$).


Green hydrogen today:

Ultrapure water is needed to produce green hydrogen. Electrolysis technology is now mature and continues to reduce its costs with mass construction, which supports the growth rate of green hydrogen production.

In these early years, numerous subsidies defrayed the initial cost overruns. Fossil fuel costs are highly volatile and rising, and the cost of CO2 emission credits is increasing: € 90 mt.




(Trucks, Buses and Coaches, Vans)

Advantages in autonomy and refueling time.

Supported by subsidies to mitigate the costs of these vehicles.



(furnaces, raw materials)

H2 compatible furnaces up to 20%.

H2 ensures price and supply stability. Price H2 + CO2 < Natural gas


Natural Gas

(Blending in the gas network)

Permission to discharge up to 5-7% in gas lines – Enagas

Ongoing legislation

How we do it

Almar Water Solutions specializes in water, wastewater, and desalination treatment worldwide, using renewable energy in its plants. Water + Renewable Energy = Green H2

Almar Water Solutions analyzes the best energy transformation and decarbonization options, focusing on hydrogen. We have experts in renewable energy and hydrogen, considering water a vital part of the process.

With a team of experts in hydrogen and renewable energies and supported by the rest of the group’s lines and technological partners in hydrogen technologies, we present this line of business Hydrogen Venture. Our team has already developed a hydrogen plant for logistics, which is already in operation, and we have several plants under development.

We take care of a hydrogen plant’s design, development, and operation in exchange for a hydrogen purchase commitment – “HPA.”

Water To Green Hydrogen

Experienced and
specialized hydrogen team

Water To Green Hydrogen

Renewable energies – PPA and self-consumption

Water To Green Hydrogen

Non-conventional water use – circular economy

Water To Green Hydrogen

Individual analysis

Water To Green Hydrogen

Investment capacity

We start each project with a tailor-made energy transformation analysis of 3-5 weeks, with our investment, and propose the best option for the client:

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