Water And Financing In The Middle East Focus Of The Presentation By Almar Water Solutions At Amwaj NEWS
Water and finance

Water and financing in the Middle East, focus of the presentation by Almar Water Solutions at AMWAJ 2018

Almar Water Solutions was one of the strategic partners of the AMWAJ 2018 held in Barcelona, Spain, from 28 to 30 October, and it participated by giving a presentation focused on financing models for water projects in the Middle East. The forum served as a showcase for innovative projects that are shaping the water industry and that are effectively influencing the formulation of policies aimed at promoting sustainable development in the Mediterranean area.

José Ignacio de la Fuente, Business Development Director for the Middle East, was one of the panelists on day two of the event with a presentation titled “Approaches of the governments of the Middle East regarding pressure on water resources of the region”, in which he highlighted the high demand for water resources in the area of the Middle East and the financing mechanisms needed to develop projects to satisfy that demand.

Population growth, development of industry and tourism, and the increase in energy production have generated an increasing impact on water. For this reason, new, non-conventional sources of water are needed to respond to the water needs in terms of quantity and quality for all sectors.

AMWAJ stands for “A Mediterranean Water And Journalism” Forum for Sustainable Development. In Arabic, the word AMWAJ is translated as “waves”, in this context referring to waves of water and energy, the flow of history through the sea, the movement of people and goods, the positive impact of investment and the construction of a joint driving force. The 2018 edition of AMWAJ brought together the public and private sectors, leaders in environmental sustainability, entrepreneurs and the communication media to create a socially-responsible community aware of the value of water and its socio-economic repercussions.

Almar Water Solutions has a special interest in investing and working to solve the water problems of the Mediterranean zone. In addition to being a region of great geographical importance, the Mediterranean is a zone that suffers from scarcity and insufficient infrastructure to satisfy the water needs of its population. Almar Water Solutions offers customized technological solutions, developing plants for desalination, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment and water regeneration to improve the lives of millions of people.

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