At the forefront of sustainability and innovation

At the forefront of sustainability and innovation, Almar Water Solutions stands out in the water and energy sector by offering comprehensive solutions for two crucial aspects of the hydrogen era:

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Water for Hydrogen

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Green Hydrogen Production

From ensuring optimal water quality necessary for electrolysis to leading complete projects for green hydrogen production, we are building a sustainable and responsible future in the hydrogen landscape.



At Almar Water Solutions, we know that future hydrogen production poses significant challenges, especially in regions already affected by water stress. Paradoxically, areas with the most important potential for hydrogen production often face considerable challenges in water supply.

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Importance of Water Quality

The quality of water introduced into the electrolyzer, whether ultrapure or deionized, plays a fundamental role in process efficiency and durability, directly influencing final profitability.

At Almar Water Solutions, we address this importance with a comprehensive offering that includes technology assessment for preliminary treatment and conductivity reduction, precise generation of deionized/ultrapure water tailored to the electrolyzer, continuous monitoring to ensure optimal quality values and prevent irreversible damage, and proper treatment of resulting waste and concentrates.

This provides a water supply that enhances electrolyzer efficiency and longevity, supporting the success and sustainability of our hydrogen projects.

What does Almar Water Solutions offer?

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Evaluation of the most suitable technology for preliminary treatment and conductivity reduction based on the original water type, ensuring ASTM type I or Type II quality.

Generation of deionized/ultrapure water with the pH and temperature most appropriate for the electrolyzer to maintain maximum efficiency and durability.

Continuous monitoring of relevant parameters to maintain quality values, ensuring expected efficiency and preventing irreversible damage.

Treatment of waste and possible concentrates.

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Assessment of the water source with minimal conflict, preferably unconventional.

Evaluation of possible reuse alternatives, such as cooling and subsequent discharge.

Experience managing the necessary permits at municipal, state, and confederation levels.

We increase contractual and process guarantees with this

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We operate under a Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) contract type that decouples hydrogen production from water-related challenges.



Decarbonization is imperative in the current context, driven by climate change, government decisions, and geopolitical tensions.

This landscape demands innovative and transformative solutions, and in this context, green hydrogen emerges as a crucial component of the transition to a sustainable future.

In line with other alternatives, such as electrification, green hydrogen is central to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a cleaner and more efficient energy matrix. Its versatility and ability to address various areas, from transportation to industry and energy generation, make it a fundamental piece in the global decarbonization puzzle.

Hydrogen venture

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Applications of Green Hydrogen

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• Advantages in autonomy and refueling time.
• Support in subsidies to mitigate the costs of these vehicles.

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• Flame validated with most products.
• Furnaces compatible with H2 up to 20%.
• H2 ensures price and supply stability.

What does Almar Water Solutions offer?

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commitment to excellence

Our commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in the comprehensive solutions we offer in the field of hydrogen. From a specialized team in H2 and renewable energies to personalized solutions for various industries, our comprehensive approach ensures an efficient transition to a green hydrogen future.

• Team with knowledge and specialization in H2

• Renewable energies – PPA and self-consumption

• Use of unconventional water – Circular economy

• Personalization for our clients

• Full-service operation

• Investment capacity

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Our experience

Our experience allows us to reuse water and other by-products, actively contributing to the circular economy. We start each case with a personalized energy transformation analysis of three to five weeks, proposing the best option for the client in terms of:

• Most appropriate energy mix, evaluating other renewable options

• Electrolyzer – Technology and capacity most suitable for production

• Plant – Storage and Distribution Evaluation

• Renewable energy – Self-consumption vs PPA evaluation

• Water – Treatment and use of water with the least possible impact

• Uses – Support in use management – Technical and Aids And we take care of the entire value chain for an HPA (Hydrogen Purchase Agreement) Almar Water Solutions leads the way to a sustainable and efficient future for green hydrogen. Our comprehensive solution harmonizes hydrogen production with the environment, driving responsible innovation.

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