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Chile’s Water Security in Focus at ACADES 2024 Congress

  • Almar Water Solutions participated as a sponsor at the ACADES 2024 Congress.
  • Carlos Cosín led a panel on Almar Water Solutions’ experience in developing new water infrastructures and successful cases from pioneering countries.

Almar Water Solutions participated on March 20th and 21st in the ACADES 2024 Congress “New Water Sources for Chile,” held in Santiago, Chile, and organized by the Chilean Desalination Association (ACADES). This event focused on the country’s water security and featured Almar Water Solutions as one of its sponsors, reaffirming its commitment to addressing water challenges in the region.

The congress brought together a wide range of experts, professionals, and specialists from academia, government, and the business sector to discuss the search for new water sources for Chile. Crucial topics such as climate change, the environment, public policies, technological innovation, and others related to generating new water sources were at the center of the debate.

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, led the panel “International Experience: Success Stories in Water Security,” where he shared Almar Water Solutions’ experience and that of pioneering countries in implementing unconventional water solutions to address scarcity. During his presentation, he highlighted how desalination and reuse, under public-private partnership (PPP) models, represent viable solutions to ensure the sustainability of the industry, agriculture, and the country’s economic and social development.

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In addition to its participation in the panel, Almar Water Solutions had a prominent presence at the congress through a promotional space, where it distributed corporate materials. The company was actively involved in meetings and discussions on unconventional water resources in Latin America, demonstrating its commitment to providing water solutions in the region.

Almar Water Solutions has a regional platform in Latin America, from which it offers industrial and urban water services through its subsidiaries Almar Water Services Latam and Aguas San Pedro. This regional presence reflects its ongoing commitment to sustainable development and water security in the Latin American continent.

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