Zuluf Gb Ceremony Cabecera

Almar Water Solutions joins Aramco and partners to reveal project advances at Zuluf Water Treatment Plant Ceremony

  • The Zuluf Water Treatment Plant is the first outsourcing of a water project under a PPP agreement that Aramco has launched.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 18 March 2024. In an event attended by representatives from Aramco, Almar Water Solutions, part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, Al Jomaih Energy & Water, and Fisia Italimpianti, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Zuluf Water Treatment Plant highlighted the advancements of the transformative project in the Arabian Gulf.

Keynote speakers from each participating company shared their insights and visions for the Zuluf project during the ceremony. Symbolizing unity and commitment, a symbolic act took place, including the burial of the foundation stone for the Zuluf Water Treatment Plant. The poignant ceremony highlighted the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders in bringing this visionary project to life.

As part of the ceremony, attendees were treated to an exclusive preview of the project’s advances, showcasing the cutting-edge technology and infrastructure that will make the Zuluf Water Treatment Plant a beacon of sustainable water management.

Carlos Cosin, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, emphasized the vital role water plays in sustaining economic and industrial activities. He stated, “The Zuluf Water Treatment Plant is more than a project; it is a testament to our dedication to providing clean water to the broader region. This initiative is emblematic in a region teeming with opportunities, showcasing our commitment to sustainable development and meeting the growing water demands of the area.”

Under the auspices of the 25-year BOOT (build, own, operate, and transfer) scheme, the Zuluf Water Treatment Plant will boast a substantial capacity of 185,000 m3/day, contributing significantly to sustainable water solutions in Saudi Arabia.

Almar Water Solutions, part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, is a leading global water services provider that embraces technology to help partners and customers access solutions that prioritize efficiency and reduce waste. Through projects like this, Abdul Latif Jameel Energy is diversifying its portfolio in the Saudi water sector creating a broad network of large-scale water-based projects, which includes partnerships with leading global waste and water treatment engineering, services, and technology providers.

The collaboration between Almar Water Solutions, Al Jomaih Energy and Water Co. (AEW) and Aramco, represents a strategic partnership aimed at developing a cutting-edge water treatment facility to support the Zuluf project. The contract, signed in December 2022, reached financial closure by mid-March 2023.

For the execution and operation of the plant, Almar Water Solutions is collaborating with a consortium comprised of Al Jomaih Energy and Water Co. (AEW), Fisia Italimpianti, and Aquatech International, combining expertise for the successful implementation of the Zuluf project.


About Almar Water Solutions

Almar Water Solutions is a leading company developing non-conventional water infrastructure and water production, distribution, and treatment services for the municipal and industrial sectors. The company specializes in developing, designing, managing, financing, and operating infrastructures, covering a wide range of solutions such as purification, desalination, wastewater treatment, and reuse. For further information, visit www.almarwater.com.

About Al Jomaih Energy and Water Co.

Established in 2007, Al Jomaih Energy and Water Company (AEW) is a fully owned portfolio company of Al Jomaih Holding and functions as its energy and water investments arm. With multiple international offices, AEW is a fast-growing investor, lead developer, and operator of utility and infrastructure projects in various geographical markets such as KSA, GCC, Central and East Asia, and North Africa. For further information, visit  https://www.aljomaih.com/en/aljomaih-energy-and-water-company.

About Fisia Italimpianti

Fisia Italimpianti, a subsidiary of the Webuild Group, is a global leader in sustainable projects and the construction of plants for desalination, water treatment, and wastewater management. With more than 95 years of experience, Fisia Italimpianti is among the most competitive and technologically advanced global competitors in the sector. For further information, visit https://www.fisiait.com/en/index.html.