Desalination in the tourism industry

Tourism currently increases global water consumption, especially at regional level where tourism concentrates traveller flows in time and space, and often-in dry destinations where water resources are limited. What is the solution?


Is now the time to consolidate the fight against climate change?

Tras la COP-25 celebrada en Madrid el pasado diciembre, el 2020 debía ser un año decisivo para las iniciativas contra el cambio climático. Sin embargo, el ciclón de la pandemia del COVID-19 ha hecho que la próxima cumbre se retrase, así como los planes e iniciativas vinculados con el clima y el cambio climático. Sin embargo, la conciencia ciudadana sobre este tema hace que ya no haya vuelta atrás

Ppps En El Mediterr Neo Px

PPPs as the solution to the water shortage in the Mediterranean region

The Mediterranean region is marked by an extremely unbalanced distribution of water resources. Water scarcity is concentrated mainly in the southern and eastern Mediterranean and water demand has surged in recent years due to population growth and the development of economic activities such as tourism and food and textile production.