Carlos Cos N Ceo Of Almar Water Solutions Elected Leader Of The Water Sector By Wwi Magazine NEWS
Carlos Cosín

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, elected leader of the water sector by WWi magazine

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, has been elected top leader of the water sector by Water & Wastewater International magazine. Carlos opted for the award together with 25 other candidates, all CEOs, managers and thought leaders in the industry and was selected through a survey in which hundreds of people voted. This prize recognizes outstanding professionals whose careers, commitment and leadership have contributed to placing the water sector in a position of relevance.

Carlos Cosín is an agronomist born in Madrid, Spain and is a known figure in the international water management community. In his long career he has worked in four multinational companies and has won seven international awards. His more than twenty years’ experience in the water sector and projects implemented in four of the five continents endorse Carlos as one of the most prestigious leaders in the industry. Member of the Board of the International Desalination Association, Carlos is currently the CEO of Almar Water Solutions, an international company engaged in integrated water solutions for the municipal and industrial sector with offices in countries such as Spain, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Chile.

In an interview with the magazine, Carlos reflected on the qualities of leadership: “I find that one´s character and drive leaves the biggest footprint and creates leadership opportunities. People need a positive and empowered atmosphere to work well and contribute to a brighter future. I always search for new ideas to improve and collaborate with others. I have never been afraid to change and embrace new ideas and projects. I prefer to find new avenues, using new approaches to achieve more. I also believe it’s important for a leader to keep a very open mind. I never reject a discussion about my point of view and I love to be convinced and adopt new angles and perspectives. This behavior is a good way to grow as a person and enrich your values”.

Water & Wastewater International is an international publication devoted to providing up-to-date information on technology, products and trends in the water and wastewater industry worldwide. Monthly editorial topics include: energy management, biosolids treatment and disposal, chemical products, piping maintenance and repairs, privatization and outsourced O&M, stormwater management, computers and automation technology, corrosion control and various show previews of industry events.

Almar Water Solutions is proud of this achievement by our CEO whose professional qualities, involvement and enthusiasm for the water sector have earned him the respect and recognition of the industry.

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