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This week, Almar Water Solutions participated in the fourth edition of the most important event on desalination in Egypt, the International Water Desalination Conference. Held in Cairo, the main objective of the conference was to encourage the private sector to invest in desalination projects by offering and presenting opportunities for the development, construction and operation and maintenance of water infrastructure in the country. Almar Water Solutions is one of the companies that has most committed to the development of water infrastructure in Egypt and last year it partnered Hassan Allam Utilities (HAU), the utilities and investment unit of the leading regional construction and engineering group Hassan Allam Holding (HAH), in a joint venture to develop, finance and operate projects in the region.

Part of the management team of Almar Water Solutions collaborated on this conference by contributing their experience and knowledge in the variety of panels and round tables. Carlos Cosín, as CEO and president of the International Desalination Association, was one of the Keynote Speakers at the opening of the event, where he emphasized the urgency of investing in non-conventional water projects in the country and the importance of opening the market to private companies and organizations that have the know-how and capital. Carlos later moderated the session on reuse, where various public and private companies showed their vision on the challenges and opportunities of this technology in the region.

Jose Ignacio de la Fuente, general manager in Egypt, participated in the panel “Desalination plants under a PPP model”, and Rodrigo Segovia, technical director, was a speaker in the session on “Desalination and energy; evolution of desalination technology in response to the need for more energy efficient infrastructure”. All of them, with more than 15-20 years of experience developing water infrastructure around the world, shared their strategic vision to position Egypt at the forefront of Middle Eastern countries that are committed to desalination and reuse, thus contributing to the development of its economy.

At the conference, which brought together researchers, decision-makers, managers, engineers and operators from private companies, industries, government organizations, consulting firms, research institutes and universities, the different participants expressed the desire to contribute to the transfer of technology and knowledge to improve and modernize the water supply of the country as a whole.

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