Water Innovation Europe 2019

Almar Water Solutions attends Water Innovation Europe 2019

Almar Water Solutions took part in the Water Innovation Europe 2019 held last Wednesday in the BluePoint Conference Centre of Brussels, in Belgium. The event, with the slogan Water Meets Energy, Energy Meets Water, focused on the water-energy nexus and debated the following aspects:

  • What water services can learn from energy services to recognize the value of water for our society and economy.
  • The search for interdependencies between water and energy services.
  • How to build environments that will promote cross-fertilization in the management of both resources and how water services and energy services can join efforts to achieve a water-smart and energy-smart society.

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, gave a presentation at session 1 entitled “The common challenges for water and energy”, in which he explained how the rise of non-conventional water sources such as desalination and reuse, combined with renewable energy, can cope with the growing demand for water and energy while helping to combat CO2 emissions and climate change. Moreover, Carlos pointed out that the energy consumption of water treatment plants is decreasing due to both the use of renewable energy and to improvements in the treatment technology.

Almar Water Solutions is already working on joint tenders for desalination plants with photovoltaic power plants to endow the water treatment process with clean energy. To do so, it relies on its sister company Fotowatio Renewables Ventures (FRV), a leader in providing integrated solutions for clean, renewable energy worldwide.

With more than 200 participants from across Europe in each edition, the annual WssTP Water Innovation Europe conference has become the most important European event in the water value chain. The event brings together scientists and technology developers, representatives of public and private utility companies, major water users, European authorities, civil society organizations and financial experts.

Due to its knowledge and experience and to driving the use of renewable energy for water treatment to improve the lives of millions of people while protecting the surroundings and the environment, Almar Water Solutions is fast becoming one of the main players in the water sector.