Almar Water Solutions Attends The Th Edition Of The Gulf Water Conference Organized By The Wsta In Manama Bahrain NEWS

Almar Water Solutions attends the 12th edition of the Gulf Water Conference organized by the WSTA in Manama, Bahrain

Yesterday, Almar Water Solutions was present at the 12th edition of the Gulf Water Conference, organized by the Water Sciences and Technology Association (WSTA) in Manama, Bahrain. Addressing the topic of sustainable water management in the GCC countries, the conference focuses on the creation of integrated, comprehensive water strategies to tackle water challenges.

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, participated as a speaker in a panel titled “The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus: The Impact Desalination, Water Reuse and Renewable Energy Technologies have on Water Sustainability and Food Security in the GCC Region”. During the panel, Carlos Cosín described the innumerable advantages coming from the development of desalination infrastructures powered by renewable energy to supply drinking water in the area.

Carlos Cosín said “the need to address the issue of water scarcity with unconventional water sources will continue to be a growing trend that will eventually result in increased energy demand and consumption. However, in the meantime, this power demand can be met by renewable energy sources which have demonstrated the ability to provide viable competitive solutions”.

The co-location of renewable energy from solar or wind with the supply of water using desalination processes, is a rising application of technologies that offers both improved economic viability and a reduced environmental footprint. Almar Water Solutions is leveraging synergies with Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) studying the development of combined water and solar or wind energy projects where geographical conditions make this a viable proposition.

The event brought a considerable number of companies and personalities from the water sector in the GCC area that were interested in the work being carried out by Almar Water Solutions to offer tailored water solutions through the development of water treatment plants for both the municipal and industrial sectors.

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