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Almar Water Solutions at the center of the water and climate change debate

Almar Water Solutions, a leading company in developing and managing water infrastructure and services, participated this week in the IDA Seville Summit on Water and Climate Change held in Seville, Spain. The company sponsored the Welcome Reception held at the city’s Royal Alcazar, which included an exclusive visit to the palace by conference delegates, a cocktail reception, and a flamenco show. The evening was hosted by Carlos Cosin, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, Shannon McCarthy, Secretary General of the International Desalination Association, and Mr. Álvaro Pimentel, Deputy Mayor of Seville City Council.

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Carlos Cosín also opened the high-level thematic program, leading a panel with Saroj Kumar Jha, Global Head of Water Global Practice, World Bank Group, on innovative financing approaches to ensure sustainable water solutions. The debate included different points on the barriers to implementing new financial models, the lack of regulation in many geographical areas, and the need for a common path between public institutions, private companies, and multilateral organizations to promote water infrastructure projects. Carlos said during the panel, “We have the financial tools, and there is political will; now we need a framework for implementing new financial models.”

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Arantxa Mencía, Vice President and Global Business Development Director; Gonzalo Gómez Rodulfo, Services Director; José Ignacio de la Fuente, Services Subsidiaries Director; and Manuel García, Middle East Business Development Director and Marketing and Communications Director, also attended the event.

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The IDA Seville Summit on Water and Climate Change focused on climate change adaptation and mitigation, the integration of non-conventional water resources to ensure water security, the decarbonization of the water sector, the need for environmental management, integrated water resources management and solutions for food security, industry, and municipal water needs. The event featured top-level speakers from the water and environment industry and the world’s leading companies in the sector.

Almar Water Solutions firmly believes in non-conventional water resources as a solution to water scarcity and the achievement of the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2023. Therefore, the company develops sustainable water infrastructures and offers efficient water services for the population and industry to preserve the world’s scarce freshwater resources.

Once again, Almar Water Solutions supports the International Desalination Association in promoting these solutions and joins the rest of the industry in carrying the message of the urgency of improving resilience to climate change and achieving long-term water security.