Aguas De Colina Cabecera

Aguas San Pedro, a subsidiary of Almar Water Solutions, acquires 100% of Empresa de Servicios Sanitarios Aguas de Colina

  • The company provides drinking water and sanitation services in the municipal market under a concession in Chile.
  • This operation is aimed at expanding the company’s activities in Chile.

Aguas San Pedro S.A., a company that operates services to produce and distribute drinking water, sewage, and wastewater treatment in Chile and a subsidiary of Almar Water Solutions, has acquired 100% of Empresa de Servicios Sanitarios Aguas de Colina S.A. This company has been operating in the water and sanitation concessions market in the municipality of Colina in Chile since 1995. Currently, it provides services to about 1,500 residential customers and a major urban development program.

With this new acquisition, Aguas San Pedro S.A. confirms its commitment to growth and expands its portfolio of services in the metropolitan region in a relevant context of water scarcity.

Following the agreement’s closing, Santiago Martínez, COO of Almar Water Solutions – Asset Management, said: “We are reaffirming our commitment to urban water services through local partners to expand our experience and financial capacity to Chile and other areas of Latin America. The region has high water demand, highly unequal distribution of resources, and significant needs for the treatment and reuse of its effluents, and Almar Water Solutions can provide great value in infrastructure management by providing solutions based on non-conventional technologies that make it possible to increase the availability of water resources”. 

In 2022, Almar Water Solutions launched the division of urban water services, and in July of that year, created the first regional platform in Latin America by acquiring 50% of the Chilean company Aguas San Pedro S.A., a company that currently provides service to more than 40,000 customers and a population of more than 150,000 inhabitants. The Aguas de Colina acquisition falls under the umbrella of the aforementioned platform to expand its regional activities.

After more than six years in the market, Almar Water Solutions already has a global presence through services and technology companies and unique projects in Spain, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt. It also continues its international expansion, focusing on important markets such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States. It also has a strategy focused on investments, services, and technological innovation.

About Almar Water Solutions

Almar Water Solutions is a leading company developing non-conventional water infrastructure and water production, distribution, and treatment services for the municipal and industrial sectors. The company specializes in developing, designing, managing, financing, and operating infrastructures, covering a wide range of solutions such as purification, desalination, wastewater treatment, and reuse. For further information, visit

About Aguas San Pedro S.A.

Founded in 2005, Aguas San Pedro S.A. operates drinking water production and distribution, sewerage, and wastewater treatment services in its urban service concessions in eight municipalities and five regions of Chile: San Pedro de la Paz and Coronel in the Biobío Region; Chillán in the Ñuble Region; Curicó in the Maule Region; Puerto Montt in Los Lagos Region; Buin, Colina, and Pudahuelin the Metropolitan Region. For further information, visit

About Empresa de Servicios Sanitarios Aguas de Colina S.A.

Empresa de Servicios Sanitarios Aguas de Colina S.A. is the company responsible for producing and distributing drinking water and collecting and treating wastewater in the Santa Elena sector in Chicureo Norte. The company works to provide a quality service in compliance with current regulations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, implementing cutting-edge technology and the best standards of quality and service to deliver a quality product and respond quickly to the needs of its customers. For further information, visit

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