A new O&M contract with Compass Group expands Almar Water Solutions’ portfolio

Almar Water Solutions has been awarded a new operation and maintenance contract in Chile with the catering company Compass Group. The new project, which will have an initial duration of 25 months, will consist of preventive O&M services for a wastewater treatment plant and a multi-stage filter drinking water treatment plant.

Compass Group is a company with more than 30 years of experience, offering food and support services in 24 cities in Chile. In this case, the company works with a mining company in northern Chile, managing and providing catering services for all of the project workers.

Almar Water Solutions, through Osmoflo SpA, will be in charge of managing a drinking water plant and a wastewater treatment plant that the company owns jointly with the mining company, in order to carry out its feed, cleaning and support activities. It will also provide an on-site team that will provide service 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure the optimization and operational excellence of all assets.

Gonzalo Gómez-Rodulfo, Services Manager of Almar Water Solutions, after the signing of the contract, said that “this new project confirms the company’s progress as an operator of water treatment plant services. In just one year, Almar Water Solutions has been awarded several projects, expanding its portfolio of services and strengthening this line of business, which it has been pursuing for several years. We are very proud of the work we are doing and the goals we are achieving”.

The plants operated by Almar Water Solutions deliver drinking water in a wide range of quality and salinity levels to industrial clients such as Compass Servicios. They also treat the wastewater generated by its production processes, thus complying with regulations and protecting the environment. This outsourcing of services generates a significant advantage for clients and avoids the technical contingencies and possible deviations in the cost to cover water needs.

In addition, for industries that do not have assets and have an immediate need for water, Almar Water Solutions has a fleet of mobile plants for lease that provides a variety of brackish water and seawater systems, with pre-treatment, post-treatment and demineralization options to deliver water suitable for use. It also provides a range of wastewater treatment solutions, including MBR systems and a highly trained technical team specialized in finding solutions to complex water problems.