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Antofagasta Minerals and Almar Water Solutions / Transelec consortium sign contract for water supply to Centinela

  • The project will work to provide non-desalinated seawater to expand operations at Centinela, Northern Chile.
  • The agreement follows the construction of a second copper concentrator plant (Nueva Centinela) at the existing site.

Michilla, Chile | June 5, 2024. Antofagasta Minerals and a consortium jointly owned by Almar Water Solutions, part of Jameel Environmental Services, and Transelec (‘the Consortium’) today announced an agreement for a water transportation system for the Centinela mining operation in Chile. The initiative, representing among a US$1.5 billion investment, will double the current supply of seawater by improving the existing pipeline alongside the construction of a second pipeline.

To support this expansion, the agreement between Antofagasta Minerals and the Consortium will work to expand the water supply to the site, working to support the mine’s operations safely and sustainably, particularly in the extraction of the mine’s copper and gold resources. All this expansion will be held by Aguas Esperanza SPA.

The significant infrastructure project includes the acquisition and operation of a 144km long water pipeline that transports 1,194 lps (110,678 m3/day), supplying seawater approximately 60km north from the mining site at Michilla, where Centinela’s port is located, and the construction and operation of a new pipeline 144 km long and 650 lps (56,333 m3/day) parallel to the existing pipeline to provide seawater and will work to facilitate the planned expansion of the mine via the second concentrator project, also known as Nueva Centinela, which will add 144,000 tons of copper, 3,500 tons of molybdenum, and an additional 130,000 ounces of gold extraction per year.

The process will not use continental water or involve desalination, with the limited processing and offshore sourcing adding to the site’s sustainability credentials, preserving resources in the region whilst limiting emissions related to the extraction process.

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, commented: “The scale of this project marks a strategically important milestone for Almar Water Solutions. Today’s agreement is the latest example of the increasing trend towards outsourcing in the industrial sector. With today’s agreement, Almar Water Solutions will not only supply water to the Centinela mine but also contribute to the preservation of scarce natural water sources in the region.”

Transelec’s General Manager, Arturo Le Blanc, emphasized that “this new project consolidates us as the main provider of non-continental water for large-scale mining, following the contract signed with Codelco for the construction of the desalination plant for the Northern District, through the Aguas Horizonte consortium. We demonstrate that Transelec Group are not only experts in electricity transmission but are also increasingly establishing ourselves as a solid alternative for developing linear water infrastructure in this productive sector.”

This project will begin operations in 2026 following a 20-month construction process, with this phase employing around 1,500 local people. The water system operation will be managed by the Aguas Norte y Desarrollo (Nordes) consortium, comprised by Almar Water Services Latam and Transelec.

About Antofagasta Minerals

Antofagasta Minerals is one of the top ten copper producers in the world. Its four mining operations in Chile use 100% renewable energy. The company adheres to the International Council on Mining & Metals’ Water Stewardship Framework, which ensures the organization’s efficient use of water resources. The company aims to reduce GHG emissions in the short and medium term and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, or sooner if technology allows. In 2023, it disclosed its Scope 3 emissions inventory and established a new medium-term Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction goal of 50% by 2035 relative to a 2020 baseline and a Scope 3 reduction goal of 10% by 2030.

About Almar Water Solutions

Almar Water Solutions is a leading company developing non-conventional water infrastructure and water production, distribution, and treatment services for the municipal and industrial sectors. The company specializes in developing, designing, managing, financing, and operating infrastructures, covering a wide range of solutions such as purification, desalination, wastewater treatment, and reuse. For further information, visit

About Transelec Group

Transelec Group is the leading provider of high energy voltage systems in Chile, with nearly 10.000 kilometers of 500 kV and 220 kV transmission lines and 82 substations between the Arica and Parinacota Region and the Los Lagos Region. We are the leading power transmission company in Chile and transmit the power that lights the homes of 98% of Chiles´population. In the past two years, altso we are beginning to be a main referent in water supply and battery storage, for other business. 100% of of property belongs to four shareholders: Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation, Public Sector Pension Investment Board and China Southern Power Grid International. For more information visit

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