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Almar Water Solutions sponsors the International Desalination Association’s International Water Reuse and Recycling Conference

Almar Water Solutions, a world leader in the development of non-conventional water solutions, this week sponsored the IDA 2021 International Water Reuse and Recycling Conference, organized by the International Desalination Association (IDA) in Rome, Italy. The event was held under the slogan “make every drop count” and was attended by public and private entities, technologists, engineering and construction professionals, together with non-governmental organizations and experts from the water industry.

Panels and technical sessions covered topics such as the latest developments in cutting-edge technology, case studies, direct and indirect potable reuse, financial challenges and financing solutions, non-potable and agricultural reuse, monitoring and control, industrial reuse, as well as the issues currently facing the water sector.

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions and president of the IDA, led two panels during the conference, with the participation of experts in regulation, financing and technology. On the first day he moderated the session “Water Reuse: Legal, Financing, Governance and Regulation Barriers” and on the final day, the panel “Legal Frameworks on Reuse for Agriculture and Drinking Water”. Mr Cosín also took part in the opening ceremony with a speech about reuse figures in recent years and the importance of public awareness to spread this technology.

Water scarcity will soon affect all facets of human life, reducing food production, intensifying environmental degradation and increasing social conflict. In this context, non-conventional water resources can play a crucial role in achieving water security.

According to the latest data from GWI – DesalData, the total contracted capacity for non-conventional water production facilities will reach 321 million m3/day by the end of 2021. Of the two technologies, water reuse growing the fastest. Contracts for new reuse plants are expected to exceed 20.9 million m3/day of capacity in 2021, compared to 15.6 million m3/day of capacity in 2020 and 11.8 million m3/day of capacity in 2019. The key markets for water reuse are Asia and the Middle East, where urban populations have grown rapidly in areas with limited water resources.

Almar Water Solutions always supports initiatives such as the IDA 2021 International Water Reuse and Recycling Conference and provides its experience and knowledge on one of the most necessary technologies compatible with the circular economy. Increased reuse and recycling of water for agricultural, urban, industrial and even potable uses could conserve scarce water resources and improve the health of our planet. Having overcome the technological barriers, clearly guaranteeing quality water, there no excuse for not using treated wastewater for any of these uses.

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